a Documentary Film by Andrea Conigli
with Chantelle Packer and Daniel Tibor

  The world's fastest island - the life and party during the Tourist Trophy motorbike race.

The small, unassuming Isle of Man gets revved up and supersized during the famous annual Tourist Trophy race. This event has been attracting bikers for 100 years, on the longest running and most dangerous motorcycle road race in the world.

This documentary captures the excitement and energy of the event, and goes deeper into the culture, people, events, and landscape of this normally tranquil gaelic island.

The film is focussed on the action around the race, rather than the race itself. Its appeal therefore is not just for the serious rider, but for people interested in travel documentaries that have a fresh and youthful approach.

  The film features the following:
  • Interviews with riders and insiders of the TT
  • Traveling and visiting tips
  • Main characters and behind the scenes of the TT
  • Lots of interaction with locals and visitors with a very spontaneous approach
  • Riding fast on the Mad Sunday - on-bike cam images of a no-speed limits ride
  • Manx tailless cats
  • Curiosities and special aspects of the island

  The DVD includes access to 11 chapters, trailer, 10 extra minutes of deleted scenes. Note: Both PAL and NTSC versions of the film are available. More info on the BUY page.